The Concours Group specializes in providing a package of turn-key services to Professional Fiduciaries who, in connection with the administration of an estate or acting as conservator, find themselves in charge of managing a company. In these cases, The Concours Group can immediately step in and conduct an extensive analysis of the current status of the company, its management and financial condition, in order to inform and protect the Professional Fiduciary from liability. After the initial analysis, we will make recommendations for future oversight of the company, and can provide interim management and independent directors or boards of directors to assure stability and asset preservation while the company is controlled by the Professional Fiduciary.

In certain litigation matters, one or both of the parties may seek to have an impartial third party manage assets or business entities until the dispute is resolved. In these cases, The Concours Group can bring its expertise in dealing with troubled situations to bear. The Concours Group has extensive experience in managing complex business problems.